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Uninstall the Programs that Failed to Uninstall the Normal Way

Use Revo Uninstaller To Uninstall Stubborn Programs

Dear Friends,

Sometimes, we install some programs like games and software on our PC but due to some reasons these programs fail to uninstall properly. And when we try to install them again they show some error like, "Program already installed" etc.

So, today I am going to explain a way to uninstall those programs completely and properly so that you can install them again and enjoy or get rid of these programs.

What We Need:
Revo Uninstaller Pro

Just follow these steps:

Step 1-
Open Revo Uninstaller Pro from shortcut on your desktop. And click on Forced Uninstall
Uninstall Programs forcefully

Step 2-
A new window will open, click on Browse For and choose Folder.
Uninstall Programs forcefully

Step 3-
Now in Browse window goto the location you intalled that program, click that folder and click OK. In this example I am uninstalling Quick Heal's remaining parts.
Uninstall Programs forcefully

Step 4-
After you select required folder and click OK, click Next and it will start scanning for the leftover parts of that program.
Uninstall Programs forcefully
Uninstall Programs forcefully

Step 5-
First it will show you Registry Entries of that program, click on Select All and then click on Delete to delete them, click on Yes when it asks for confirmation.
Uninstall Programs forcefully
Uninstall Programs forcefully
Uninstall Programs forcefully

Step 6-
Now it will show you list of leftover files and folders. Just Select all and Delete them.
Uninstall Programs forcefully
Uninstall Programs forcefully

You are done here! Your program has been uninstalled completely. If you have any problems write in comments.

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